Groups take PSC to court over power lines

WNPJ member group Soul of the Kickapoo has been fighting the Badger Coulee high-voltage power line proposal, which intends to run a 345 kV transmission line from Lacrosse to Madison, costing ratepayers $340 million. The line is part of $9 billion in planned power lines being pushed by American Transmission Company, a for-profit utility company, to open up markets in the east for electricity from dirty coal-fired power plants in the Dakotas. The total cost is enough to buy over a million 4kV solar systems for Wisconsin homes to make them mostly energy self-sufficient.

The Citizens Energy Task Force, a coalition of activists against the lines, and NoCapX2020, have asked a Dane County judge to review the state Public Service Commission's decision approving the CapX 2020 line, which the Badger Coulee Line would hook into.