Democracy Now: U.S. Vets Return War Medals at NATO Summit

Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans returned their war medals to NATO on Sunday, at the conclusion of a mass march through Chicago's downtown that took the marchers to the security perimeter surrounding the NATO summit at McCormick Place. One by one, the veterans explained why they were returning their medals, dedicating their action to "my brothers and sisters affected with traumatic brain injury, military sexual trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder," "the 33,000 civilians who have died in Afghanistan that won’t have a monument built for them," "the one-third of the women in the military that are sexually assaulted by their peers," "Private First Class Bradley Manning, who sacrificed everything to show us the truth about these wars," and "the children of Iraq that no longer have fathers and mothers." Read more... Photo: Navy vet Todd Dennis of Madison throws back his Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. Photo by David Soumis.