Say "No!" to long-term bases in Afghanistan

The NATO meeting planned for Chicago in May has taken on even greater importance, now that the Obama administration has announced plans to sign a "Strategic Partnership agreement" with Afghan President Karzai at the summit, giving the U.S. the right to station tens of thousands of troops in Afghanistan indefinitely. President Obama has talked about 2014 as the year when the Afghan military would take the lead in all military operations as U.S. troops withdraw, but the agreement planned for Chicago would enable the U.S. to keep troops -- by some estimates, more than 20,000 troops -- in Afghanistan far past the 2014 date, while allowing the U.S. to maintain multiple bases in Afghanistan for years to come.
Take Action: Help send a clear message that we do not consent to long-term bases in Afghanistan and a never-ending U.S. occupation of that country. On May 20th, a large, permitted march will make its way from Daley Plaza in the heart of Chicago's downtown, to McCormick Place, the site of the NATO summit. The marchers will be voicing a view held by more than 70% of Americans, that it's time for us to leave Afghanistan. 1) WNPJ is chartering buses from Madison to Chicago leaving the morning of May 20th and returning the same day, 2) Voices for Creative Nonviolence is organizing a Peace Walk from Madison to Chicago, leaving Madison on May 2nd and arriving in Chicago in time for the May 20th protest 3) Brake the Banks! Cycles of Revolution is planning a "mobile village" of bike riders, leaving Madison on Sunday, May 13th and also arriving in Chicago in time for the May 20th protest.