Solidarity Sing-Along awarded "Civil Libertarian of the Year" award by ACLU

WNPJ member group Solidarity Sing-Along was awarded ACLU of Wisconsin's Civil Libertarian of the Year award for 2011. The award was presented on March 17th in Milwaukee  at the ACLU's annual Bill of Rights Celebration.

Accepting the award for the group, Sing-Along director Chris Reeder said, "Prior to last year, I thought about my first amendment rights, but only in an abstract way. I knew of them, and I valued them, but I had not made an effort to use them, and I hadn’t worked to protect them. That all changed when I began attending the Solidarity Sing Along. And now, after having stood in my state’s capitol and sung, every weekday, for an hour, without a permit, for over a year, over three hundred times now, I’ll never look at those rights the same way again. What I think about now, every day, is how easily those rights can be taken away if we don’t defend them. More importantly, how easily they can be taken for granted if we don’t exercise them." (Read MORE to see photos: Members of Solidarity Sing-Along at the ACLU event....)