2008/09/30: Tell Congress: No Wall Street Bailout! from United for Peace and Justice

UFPJ is joining with allies in labor and community  as we call on Congress to put together a short term economic plan that protects our communities and compels Wall Street to pay for its mistakes.

As the bailout debate has raged on in Congress, a breathtaking new Pentagon budget of nearly $700 Billion was pushed through the House and Senate while local governments began calling for budget cuts in anticipation of the impact of the catastrophic credit crisis on Wall Street. Read The Nation article: The Iraq War as a Financial Sinkhole http://www.thenation.com/blogs/notion/?pid=365803

We realize this is very late notice, but we encourage you to join with Jobs with Justice  http://www.jwj.org/coalitions.html as they hit the streets tomorrow, Wednesday, October 1st, to demand that Congress serve Main Street before Wall Street.

We know that Congress needs to act strongly (but not in a panic) to address the immediate financial crisis, but we also need a public, nationwide debate about how to fashion a long-term restructuring of our economy so it works for everyone.

Without dropping our deep opposition the Iraq war and its severe human costs, this is a the moment for the antiwar movement to highlight the economic costs of the war right here at home!

Hit the streets and call your Representative and Senator - (202) 224-3121.

Our Demands:
 * End the war in Iraq as the first down payment on bailing out the economy.
 * Make the people that got rich while creating the crisis pay for the clean up.
 * Restructure the banking system.
 * Enforceable protections for homeowners facing foreclosure.
 * Commit to  a thorough and open process to develop a true recovery plan to create jobs and rebuild the country's infrastructure.

Join with local Jobs with Justice (JwJ) coalitions who are organizing actions across the country. Find your local JwJ coalition http://www.jwj.org/coalitions.html and call or email them to find out what they are planning.

Live in an area where there is no local JwJ coalition? Plan your own action! Post your event on UFPJ's website! http://www.unitedforpeace.org