Candlelight Vigil for all those who died in Iraq - Madison

Event Dates: 

"All welcome for a candlelight vigil to remember all those who died in the war in Iraq"  

Dec. 29th, Thursday - 5 - 6 pm, State Street corner of  Capitol Square - Madison


- "In terms of destroying Iraq, it’s really 'mission accomplished."  S. Rasouli


Sami Rasouli of Muslim Peacemaker Teams and Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (and a good friend of WNPJ) discussed the withdrawal of US troops on the December 16 edition of Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Speaking from the city of Najaf, Sami invoked George W. Bush’s infamous declaration after the fall of Baghdad, saying, "In terms of destroying Iraq, it’s really 'mission accomplished."


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