Boston Mayor Threatens to Withdraw from ICE’s Secure Communities Program

Boston Mayor Menino is calling for a change or the end of the deeply flawed Secure Communities program that's deported nationally 61,234 immigrants with no prior criminal record.

Secure Communities shares the fingerprints of individuals booked into jails with federal immigration databases.  It severely hinders local law enforcement’s ability to protect the public, because those fingerprinted for suspicion of minor crimes may eventually face deportation.  The program is supposed to only deport those guilty of serious crimes, but nationally 47% of those deported were low-level offenders and 28% had no criminal record.  Many cities and states, including New York, Illinois, Colorado, DC, and parts of California, have threatened to drop the program.  On July 11, Boston Mayor Menino announced that he too had serious doubts about the program.

Boston has deported 352 immigrants since 2008, 52% of which had no criminal record.  Menino also stated that Secure Communities has actually made Boston less secure; breaking down the relationships of trust between residents and local police, making victims and witnesses scared to talk.  Read more about the issue here.