Aug 3 - 11. Live, week-long on-line concert to promote a nuclear weapon-free world.

Message from Steve Leeper, Mayors for Peace in Japan: Spread the news, endorse, and send your music and poetry to Peace Week, a week-long interactive on-line 'concert'  8/3 - 8/11 that calls for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Click here to learn more or e-mail Plus, ENDORSE THE CALL TO ACTION AND ENROLL YOUR MAYOR IN MAYORS FOR PEACE! August 6th and 9th 2011 will mark the 66th anniversaries of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the wake of the catastrophic events in Fukishima, let us use these August days of remembrance to continue our work in this third year of United for Peace & Justice’s Nuclear Free Future Month

It’s time to end the toxic legacy of the nuclear age and the threats posed by the existence of nuclear weapons and their evil twins, the 442 “peaceful” nuclear reactors desecrating our planet. Each one of these vulnerable reactors is a potential Fukishima waiting to happen. Similarly, the estimated 23, 000 nuclear bombs on our planet are subject to catastrophic accidental misuse, deliberate sabotage, or intentional use by some misguided government with an insane death wish.
Let us use the tragic anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the month of August to expand our circles in order to put our planet on the path to sustainability, ending the nuclear scourge once and for all.  Let us use this month to reach out and dialogue with people and organizations beyond the peace movement; to educate, to inspire courage and creativity, to illustrate the steps we can take toward abolition, and to build a powerful constituency for a Nuclear Free Future.
Our main vehicle for coordinating activities and disseminating information is the United for Peace & Justice Nuclear Free Future web pages at where you will find a variety of action ideas and educational resources. Please endorse the Call to Action and post your plans for Hiroshima-Nagasaki memorials on our calendar. But please think outside the traditional bounds and plan and share additional educational events, and actions throughout the month of August.  And please help us spread the word!
Read more… AN URGENT REQUEST: On August 6th the eyes of the world will turn to Hiroshima. This will be an especially poignant moment for the people of Japan as they suffer once again from nuclear disaster.  In this highly charged setting, a new Mayor will deliver the annual Peace Declaration for the first time. Mayor Kazumi Matsui is also the new President of Mayors for Peace.  Let us send him a powerful message of our solidarity with Hiroshima and Japan.  Let us help make it possible for him to announce on August 6th that Mayors for Peace has reached the milestone of 5000 cities representing over one billion people who are demanding the global elimination of nuclear weapons by 2020!
Mayors for Peace has rapidly grown in recent years to 4,853 members in 151 countries and regions, with 176 U.S. cities. Here in the U.S. we’ve set an ambitious goal of 200 members by August 6th (24 to go)! To find out if your city is a member click here.  For a recruitment toolkit, click here. Many thanks for your help!
Support Nuclear Free Future Month. Seek peace, be part of the solution. No Nukes! No Wars!
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