Many local voices against nuclear power

"Nuclear power is not only unnecessary, it is among the costliest and potentially the most dangerous ways to produce electricity," writes John Kinsman, a Wisconsin farmer and the president of Family Farm Defenders, a WNPJ member group.  "Besides the brave Japanese workers who are sacrificing themselves in the battle to stop this meltdown, who is next to suffer from the inevitable nuclear accidents? Why, of course, farmers, fishers, gardeners and consumers who have to dump milk, destroy animals and bury produce that has been contaminated by fallout," adds Kinsman, in a Capital Times op/ed.

Kinsman isn't the only local resident to speak out against nuclear power.  In a Wisconsin State Journal op/ed, Jeffrey Golden asks, "By what standard of evidence and consensual reality can you blithely label nuclear energy clean or safe?"  In a letter to the editor of the State Journal, meteorologist-engineer Robert H. Owen Jr. asks, "When is the last time a wind farm accident required an evacuation of residents living within 19 miles?"