Potential nuclear hazards from southeast extreme weather

Tornadoes swept through Alabama and put the southeastern United States in a state of emergency last week. Another potential threat from nuclear plants is looming over the area.

"In Huntsville, meteorologists found themselves in the path of a tornado and had to evacuate the National Weather Service office. The Browns Ferry nuclear plant west of town lost power and was operating on diesel generators. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said the safety systems were operating properly, and the emergency was classified as the lowest of four levels," reported the Los Angeles Times.

U.S. nuclear plants can lose power and have to rely on back-up energy to maintain cooling pools. Questions remain as to the reliability of those diesel generators. It's not difficult to imagine if there were no back-ups or if those diesel generators were also damaged by extreme weather. It also leaves us wondering if it is really true that the nuclear tragedies like the one in Fukushima, Japan will never happen here - as maintained by pro-nuclear experts and the mass media.