WNPJ Newsletter - January/February 2011

The January-February 2011 issue, a special 20th anniversary issue, looks back on our founding in 1991, looks forward to what the future might hold for the peace movement, and reports on our latest statewide Assembly.  Click here to download a .pdf of the newsletter.

Page 1: Reports on the 1991 gathering in the State Assembly chamber that led to the formation of Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, with eyewitness reports from many who attended. "“Nothing short of death can stop me from speaking out now,” says Vietnam vet Will Williams, who credits his peace work with helping to alleviate the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, suffered by many vets.

Page 3: Steve Burns, WNPJ Program Director, writes about the need to give the peace movement adequate credit for our role in forcing a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. Looking ahead to the future, he sees hope in a complaint by Defense Secretary Gates that, in Europe, "large swaths of the general public and political class are averse to military force," saying that "the scenario Secretary Gates fears most... is a goal well within our grasp."

Page 5: Reports on our 2010 Annual Assembly in Prairie du Sac, which featured two keynote speakers. Christine Neumann-Ortiz of Voces de la Frontera highlighted the impact of years of grassroots protests, outreach and advocacy, saying "Winning the support of the majority of Americans for federal immigration reform is huge." Chip Berlet, a nationally recognized authority on right-wing political movements, warned of the dangers of discounting the potential danger of the "Tea Party" movement: "we need to understand that it’s our neighbors, it’s our friends, it’s our family, it’s the people we work with. And if we start out with the frame – which is coming from inside the Beltway – that these are stupid, crazy people, as organizers, we’ve cut our own throat."


Page 6: A grant awarded by the Racine Dominican Mission Fund to Wisconsin Books to Prisoners will enable WBTP to continue its mission of sending books, free of charge to those incarcerated in WI prisons. More good news: WNPJ Board member Barb Munson and past WNPJ Newsletter editor Hildegard Dorrer were honored by Community Shares of Wisconsin, with Barb receiving the Sally Sunde Family Advocate Award and Hildegard receiving the Community Shares "Backyard Hero" award.