Wisconsin State Journal: State leaders debate the future of nuclear energy in light of Japan disaster

Legislation that would have weakened nuclear safeguards in Wisconsin has been dealt a serious blow by the disaster at Japan's Fukishima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. Pam Kleiss, executive director of WNPJ member group Physicians for Social Responsibility, says, "We feel the current state law speaks directly to the concerns that people in Wisconsin have about nuclear power. What the Fukushima Dai-ichi incident is showing us is that there are things that are happening that are beyond what the owners and operators perceived to be the highest level of risk." Charlie Higley of the Citizens Utility Board says, "Even if you have all the best defenses you can think of, there are times when nature still wins." Higley is also concerned about the fact that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has cited Wisconsin nuclear plants for 22 safety violations since 1996. Read more... (Photo: Point Beach Nuclear plant on the shore of Lake Michigan.)