Public Safety and Nuclear Power: From Japan to Chernobyl to Wisconsin

How serious is the nuclear disaster in Japan?  What do we know about the long-term health impacts of nuclear accidents, from the Chernobyl meltdown?  Can nuclear power ever be "safe"?  What are the implications for energy policies in Wisconsin and nationally?

On the anniversary of the Three Mile Island disaster, we came together for a discussion with local experts at a Forum in Madison:
   Shahla Werner, Ph.D, Director of the Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter
   Robert Schuettpelz, Executive Director of Friends of Chernobyl Centers, U.S.
   Jo Oyama-Miller, Board President of Madison-Obihiro Sister Cities (Obihiro, Japan)

Organized by the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice.

Be sure to check out Pam Kleiss' op-ed in the Wisconsin State Journal, "Keep nuclear safeguards in Wisconsin" posted on the homepage.  Pam shares experiences from the 2 years she spent living and working in Japan.