No complaint process for race-based logos?

Rep. Steve NassAre state legislators trying to remove all avenues for complaints about race-based "Indian" school logos and mascots?

Representative Steve Nass described a bill being introduced by himself, Rep. Andre Jacque and Senators Mary Lazich and Neal Kedzie as "eliminat[ing] the ability of a resident to object to the use of such team names by filing a complaint with the school board or to obtain a contested case hearing."  That's from a letter seeking co-sponsors of the bill (LRB -0456/1).

That goes beyond simply repealing Act 250, which allows residents of a school district to file a complaint with the state Department of Public Instruction about race-based logos and mascots.  And if it's an accurate description of the new bill, it may leave Wisconsinites no recourse to address important civil rights concerns.

Supporters of Act 250 are asking Wisconsinites to call their state legislators and urge them not to co-sponsor the bill.  You can find who your state legislators are and how to contact them online, here.