January-February 2010 Newsletter

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The January-February 2010 issue of the WNPJ newsletter takes on the challenge of global climate change and the false promise that nuclear power is a way to solve our climate problems. Click on any of the images below to see a .pdf of the newsletter. Past issues of the newsletter are listed below.

On Page 1, WNPJ staffer and "Carbon Free Nuclear Free" campaign coordinator Diane Farsetta reports the the nuclear industry is looking at the threat of climate change as an opportunity to revive their dying industry, and that they have Wisconsin in their sights, with a bill to repeal Wisconsin's common-sense requirements on those who would construct new nuclear plants in our state. WNPJ and its allies are stepping up to the challenge with our first Carbon Free, Nuclear Free lobby day on February 23. Diane's report contains some good news, too: A recent report, “Carbon Free and Nuclear Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy,” explains how the United States can eliminate carbon emissions from its energy system by 2050 without resorting to nuclear power.



Also on Page 1, LaCrosse resident Matthew Stewart with the Midwest Treaty Network explodes the myth that nuclear power is a greenhouse-gas-free source of energy. When the greenhouse-gas emissions from mining and refining Uranium are taken into account, nuclear scores close to coal as a source of warming gases. Shockingly, Stewart reports: "Nuclear power is the only industry exempted from the global ban on Chlorofluorocarbons and accounts for 93% of the CFC emissions in the U.S. CFC-114 has a global warming potential 9,800 times that of CO2 and stays in the atmosphere for up to 300 years."


On Page 3, WNPJ Newsletter Editor Sheila Spear asks some our environmental friends and allies about the prospects for positive action to address the global threat of climate change. Sadly, their predictions that positive change was unlikely to come out of the recent Copenhagen negotiations have proven to be correct. But WNPJ past co-chair Chamomile Nusz sees progress closer to home, noting that Focus on Energy, a Wisconsin program that provides grants to homeowners installing renewable- energy systems, has been "wildly successful." All of the program's 2009 goals have already been met and are now being surpassed. “We are moving ahead with wind turbine manufacture, and the Mid-State Technical College is the first in the nation with its solar and thermal energy associate degrees. There are four of programs, and they are all fully enrolled. We should be proud of Wisconsin’s achievements," says Chamomile. 



Speaking of new sources of energy, on Page 6, WNPJ Executive Director Judy Miner reports on the new energy infusing the WNPJ office from our three student interns.



On Page 7, WNPJ's"Orchids and Onions" give an Orchid to Senator Herb Kohl and Representatives Gwen Moore and Tammy Baldwin, and an Onion to the committee organizing Milwaukee's Veteran's Day parade after they excluded Milwaukee Vets for Peace from the parade.