Mukwanago "Indians" mascot ruling - one year to change

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction held a hearing to address a complaint against the Mukwanago School district's use of the "Indians" logo and name (at left.) They ruled on this decision in October, according to WI Public Radio, and the Mukwanago School District has one year to drop its "Indian" masot. The complaint was filed by recent Mukwanago graduate Rain Koepke with the assistance of Barb Munson of the Wisconsin Indian Education Association's Indian Mascot and Logo Taskforce [Barb is also a member of the WNPJ Board].

The students at Kewaunee High School just selected their new name  - The Storm. In August, this school district dropped their "Indian" nickname - and held a contest for this new one.

Under Wisconsin law, the state Department of Public Instruction is required to review a school's race-based mascot if a complaint is received from a district resident. The burden of proof is then on the school district to show that its race-based mascot  does not promote discrimination, student harassment and stereotyping. The DPI has already ordered the Osseo-Fairchild district to drop its "Chieftains" logo after a similar complaint was lodged by complaint filed by Carol and Harvey Gunderson, residents of the Osseo-Fairchild School District.