Nuclear too costly, say state Senator, energy expert

As the Clean Energy Jobs Act heads towards votes in the state Assembly Tuesday and possible Senate votes Thursday, more people are raising questions about the many trade-offs in the bill.

State Senator Kathleen Vinehout writes in the La Crosse Tribune about her concerns with the bill, including its pro-nuclear provisions:

"I share concerns with others that we must precede with care down the path of nuclear power. Residents of many states have seen large rate increases after such plants were built and construction cost over-runs were passed on to rate payers."

"And we still do not have a plan for the permanent disposal of radioactive spent fuel rods."

In the Green Bay Press Gazette, Sara Barczak warns Wisconsin about the impact pro-nuclear "clean energy" policies have had on Southeastern states:

"Wisconsin's Clean Energy Jobs Act could be a job killer -- but not from energy efficiency or renewable energy, as some are claiming, against all evidence. The nuclear portion of the bill is far more likely to raise electric rates by opening the door to building expensive nuclear reactors and allowing for prepayment schemes to fund them."

"I was born and raised in Wisconsin but have spent the past decade in Savannah, Ga., working with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. I've seen first-hand how the push for risky new nuclear reactors have impacted Southeastern states. It's not an experience Wisconsinites would want to replicate."

State legislators will decide this week whether to open the door to new nuclear reactors in Wisconsin. Please see our action alert on the issue and call your legislators today!