"Carbon Footprint of War" flyers

Did you know a B-52 burns 55 gallons of jet fuel every minute? Or that an Abrams tank gets half a mile per gallon? Or that keeping a single soldier in Afghanistan requires burning 22 gallons of fuel a day?

Hybrid cars and better light bulbs won't be enough if we don't rein in our out-of-control military, which is burning 3.5 million gallons of fuel a day to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan. 

WNPJ's new "Carbon Footprint of War" flyers (.pdf) help to make the connection between the need for serious action to address the global threat of climate change and the need to end war. 

Please contact the WNPJ office if you'd like to have a custom version made up with your group's contact information.

Sources: F15 and Abrams tank fuel consumption here, B52 fuel consumption here, fuel consumption per soldier here, total fuel consumption for Iraq and Afghanistan occupations here.


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