Final vote Tuesday on mascot bill; help pass it

A bill that would block Wisconsin schools from using most Indian mascots and team names is scheduled for a final vote in the Assembly on Tuesday, April 20.

How you can help to pass it.

The bill would allow residents to complain to the state schools superintendent if their school district used a race-based team name, nickname, mascot or logo.

The Assembly passed a similar bill in February , but the two houses must pass the same identical bill before the measure can go to Gov. Jim Doyle.

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There is still one more hurdle. SB25 must pass the Assembly this session.
Here’s How You Can Help:
Send e-mail messages (e-mail preferred contact mode at this busy time at the Capitol) to Assembly Leadership:
Majority Leader, Tom Nelson
Assembly Speaker, Mike Sheridan
Ask them to schedule SB25 – The Race-Based Logo Bill for action in the Assembly as soon as possible