08/30/08 We need your help to bring a film about Fair Trade to local Wisconsin theaters


Dear Friend of Fair Trade:

Often "activist movies" are boring documentaries or over-the-top lectures. This one isn't.

The cast of Battle in Seattle includes a beleaguered mayor (Ray Liotta), a riot cop on the streets (Woody Harrelson) and his pregnant wife (Charlize Theron). Opening next month, it covers events of November 1999, when tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Seattle in protest of the World Trade Organization's Meeting. Their activism changed the course of trade and globalization.

We need your help to bring this important story to local Wisconsin theaters. Stuart Townsend made this independent movie on a budget, and does not have a huge studio distribution network - but with stars like Woody Harrelson, Charlize Theron and Ray Liotta, if it is shown here, people will go see it.

If we can get 200 people to request the movie in our area, they will bring it here.

To request the movie, visit the website www.battleinseattlemovie.com and click on the "Demand It" icon.

Fill in your zip and info. That's it!

I hope you'll spend 30 seconds right now to click on the link, highlight this fair trade issue, and bring this movie to Wisconsin.


Sachin Chheda
Director, Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition


Please forward this email so others can visit the website now to bring it to our area! You can see the trailer at http://tinyurl.com/battleseattle.