Wisconsin's Congressional War and Peace Scorecard


Which Wisconsin member of Congress has signed on to Representative Jim McGovern's bill requiring an "exit strategy" for Afghanistan? Who voted for war funding the last time it came to a vote? Which Wisconsin Congressional Representative is the closest approximation to the Gold Standard of anti-war members of Congress, Ohio's Dennis Kucinich?

Thanks to David Swanson at defundwar.org, we now have answers to these questions, and more, all compiled in an easy-to-read table.

Click on a name for contact information. Some Representatives do not have a separate "contact" page, their contact info is found on their home page. Phone calls are much better than emails, letters are better than phone calls, handwritten letters are better than printed letters, an office visit to deliver a handwritten letter is best of all.

Member of Congress District Cosponsored McGovern "exit strategy" for Afghanistan   (HR 2404). Cosponsored Lee bill blocking funds for escalation in Afghanistan   (HR 3699). Cosponsored Kucinich use of War Powers Resolution to end war. Committed to vote No on any bill that funds escalation in Afganistan. Committed to vote No on any bill that funds wars except immediate withdrawal. Voted No on funds for war and escalation 12/16/09     Roll Call

Voted No on funds for war 6/10/09 Roll Call

Asked Pelosi for vote on the Afghan escalation More...
Ryan, Paul WI-1              YES*  
Baldwin, Tammy WI-2 YES         YES YES YES
Kind, Ron WI-3                
Moore, Gwen WI-4 YES              
Sensenbrenner, F. James Jr. WI-5              YES*  
Petri, Thomas E. WI-6              YES*  
Obey, David WI-7                
Kagen, Steve WI-8 YES         YES    
Kucinich, Dennis J. OH-10 YES YES YES YES YES YES YES  


*173 Republicans voted against the June 2009 war-funding bill, all but a handful because they objected to a provision allocating $5 billion in aid to the International Monetary Fund.