2009/07/21: Thune amendment on concealed carry fails in Senate

Senator Herb Kohl, who had been targeted for calls and emails, voted no July 22 as an amendment to the defense authorization bill, to require states to accept concealed carry permits that are issued by other states, fell two votes short of passage. Please call to thank Sen. Kohl: 202.224.5653 OR Use this link to thank Sen. Kohl

Senator Russ Feingold voted for the amendment, his office had no explanation for his vote when contacted.  Vote breakdown.

The practical effect of this change would be reduce concealed carry permit regulations to the lowest common denominator. This is particularly dangerous as many states have weak laws and issue individuals permits after only a simple computerized background check through a database that is missing millions of disqualifying criminal and mental health records. This year, there have already been three confirmed MASS shootings by concealed carry permit holders.

For more information on this amendment, please check out this opinion piece from the New York Times.


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