2009/07/04: Guard Home campaign moving forward

This report from our Friends at Liberty Tree:

On Jan. 21, we joined veterans, military families, peace, and other pro-democracy organizations in launching the Bring the Guard Home! It's the Law campaign .  Since then, this insurgent effort has spread across half the country. Guard Home legislation has now been introduced in a dozen states, including Wisconsin, and new efforts are underway in another dozen states.

The big highlights of the first half of 2009 were Maryland, Oregon, New Mexico, and New Hampshire. The Guard Home campaign is a long-term effort, and we did not expect to see legislative action this early in the campaign. Yet legislative action we got, with hearings in all four states, and an (unexpected) floor vote in New Hampshire. The highlight of the session was undoubtedly Oregon, where a spirited effort won majority support in the House. Next up to bat are Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, to be followed by over a dozen other states when they come back into session.

This campaign has won significant media attention in scores of media outlets across the country. Excellent sources include a talk by Benson Scotch at the University of Wisconsin Law School, interviews on Sheehan's Soapbox, Antiwar Radio, and elsewhere. We've also got a nice introduction to the law, as well as other background materials available for you.


More on the Wisconsin campaign here.