2009/03/13: WNPJ Group of the Week: UW-Whitewater P.E.A.C.E.

 This student group is active in the southeast part of Wisconsin. Check out their SEVEN DAYS OF PEACE events coming up March 30th through April 6th.   For details, see: http://www.wnpj.orgnode/1530            UWW - P.E.A.C.E. Contact: Karen Drydyk, Address: 800 W. Main St. - UC 156, UW-Whitewater, WI 53190 - Phone: 920-222-1066 - E-mail: drydykkr23@uww.edu Video:http://blip.tv/file/1911178/


Organizational History:

 Our New and Improved Mission Statement: To creatively educate and activate students, faculty, and community members about peace.


Events from Spring of 2008:


1. Peace Art and Writing Mural - "A Peace of the Earth" - centered around environmental and social peace themes - displayed at the Greenhouse and developed by two senior girls that would like to see it grow and possibly be sent to other UW schools.

2. "The Soldier's Side" - a panel of speakers (1 Iraqi Vet - for the war, 2 mothers against the war - with sons in Iraq, and one American Peacekeeper - Lynn Shoemaker) - Good discussion on different view points of what is going on with the Occupation.

3. "Sami Rassouli - Iraqi Citizen, American Businessman" - spoke about his business here in the US, its downfall after 9/11, and his efforts back home in Iraq to help his fellow men and women.

4. Peace Vigil - we held one peace vigil at the end of Main St. Few attended

5. ROCK FOR PEACE! - Awesome event - local bands played for free, we raised money for the local food pantry and battered women's shelter ($140 for each) by selling our amazing t-shirts, tie dying, and hemp necklace lessons, and donation jars. We hope to do this again at the end of Spring semester this year.


Membership: 15 members in person weekly. Mainly European American male and females. One young Muslim exchange female. One Peruvian female exchange students. 40+ members on e-mail list.


Geographical Area of Work: Walworth / Jefferson County


Who does the Work: Volunteers


Working Links with Other Organizations: Rock River Peace Group, Citizens for a Global Society, S.A.G.E. (student group), ICSA (student group)


Purpose: To creatively educate and activate students, faculty, and community members about peace.




Working with 'Invisible Children' to build schools in Uganda


Creating "5 DAYS OF PEACE" during Spring semester - My Name is Rachel Corey (play), World Religions Panel, Panel on the Middle East, Rock for Peace


Community Service Forum - New Idea for next semester - create on-line forum where community members could post service needs (shovel, mow, child care, ride to grocery store / library, etc.) and campus community could complete for free.


(updated 12/08)