2009/02/27: Dover Air Force Base Reopened to News Media to Reveal the True costs of War


 VFP Actions!

Hello Peace Activists! Thanks for your calls and e-mails to President Obama. They've listened and have done the right thing to open the Dover Air Force Base to the media! 


Dover is the HQ for taking care of all the dead military members killed during war or peace.  Mr. Bush #1 closed the base in 1990 to prevent the public from understanding the number of dead resulting from the first US war in Iraq.  Clinton and Bush #2 continued the closed base policy. President Obama has now reviewed this issue....listening to your messages -  to let the sun shine on the real cost of war:  Row upon row of caskets draped in flags month after month year after year. Thank you!  Buzz Davis, member Veterans for Peace, Clarence Kailin Chapter 25, Madison,  608-873-4886