Opportunity for teachers: Black Lives Matter at School: Political Education for Teachers Against White Supremacy * Tuesdays in Feb

Event Dates: 

Register by Jan. 31


Black Lives Matter at School:

Political Education for Teachers Against White Supremacy


February 1 - 22, 2022
Tuesdays 5:30 - 7pm CST
Via Zoom

Register by January 31st bit.ly/blmasmmsd2022


During Black Lives Matter at School Month, we will be holding political education sessions for teachers. These sessions will help uplift our demands for police free schools and equip teachers with skills to challenge white supremacy in their schools and  community and create a sanctuary for Black students, students of color, girls, LGBTQIA+ students, and students with disabilities. While this is the responsibility of MMSD and other districts around the country, we recognize, districts are unwilling to support demands for justice in favor of upholding the status quo. Community-led education, on the other hand, takes seriously the need to destroy the status quo.

This is for educators who actually care about ending state violence, including police violence, against young people and creating liberatory spaces of learning. This space is only for educators who have already signed the Black Sanctuary Pledge and promised to protect the lives of Black children in the classroom and beyond. Please sign the pledge before registering for the trainings; bit.ly/blacksanctuarymmsd.

The schedule includes the following:

February 1, 2022 @ 5:30 - 7pm cst
Police Free Schools
ft. Freedom Youth Squad

Since 2017, the Freedom Youth Squad (FYS) and Youth Justice Team (YJT) of Freedom, Inc. have waged the Police Free Schools campaign. The premise of the #PoliceFreeSchools campaign is not only that Black children are disproportionately targeted by police in society and in schools, but that improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of society cannot happen through punitive measures. In June of 2020, we won our campaign’s first demand to remove school resource officers from our four Madison high schools. We understood that Black lives at school could not even begin to matter until we got rid of school resource officers who are often students’ direct link to the school-to-prison pipeline and contribute to the uncontrollable police violence against Black communities. The cops are only part of the problem. That is why we have also been demanding that Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD):

1. Keep cops out of schools and create an accountability process for school staff who use police to harm children
2. Invest in the leadership, wellness, and creativity of Black youth and youth of color
3. Use transformative justice instead of punishment
4. Give most impacted youth, parents, and trusted adults real decision-making power over schools.

February 8, 2022 @ 5:30 - 7pm cst
Know Your Rights
Know Your Reality
ft. Advancement Project

Advancement Project programs focus on tackling inequity with innovative strategies and strong community alliance. They combine law, communications, policy, and technology to create workable solutions and achieve systemic change on issues of democracy, voting rights, and access to justice.

February 15, 2022 @ 5:30 - 7pm cst
Abolitionist Restorative Justice
ft. Flywheel Skill Share

Through abolitionist restorative justice, Flywheel Skill Share focuses on skill sharing and cultural enrichment. They seek to transform power dynamics, empower autonomous community led solutions and heal the harm of divide and conquer, silos, internalized oppression, alienation, status clinging, blame games and other overlays and remnants of imperialism, colonialism and racial capitalism.

February 22, 2022 @ 5:30 - 7pm cst
Culturally Responsive Teaching
ft. Coalition for Educational Justice

Led by parents, the NYC Coalition for Educational Justice is organizing a movement to end the inequities in the city’s public school system. We are a collaborative of community-based organizations and unions whose members include culturally diverse parents, community members, students and educators. We are motivated by the urgent need to obtain a quality and well-rounded education for all students. We will mobilize the power of parents and the community to affect policy change and create a more equitable educational system.

Please sign the Black Sanctuary Pledge before registering for the trainings; bit.ly/blacksanctuarymmsd.


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