Spotlight on the WNPJ member group, Solomons Outreach and Urban Learning Sessions (SOULS)

Violence in the City of Milwaukee in the fall of 2016 prompted several community members to come together and discuss a plan of action at King Solomon's Missionary Baptist Church. "We want to heal. We want to change the climate of this city," said Tynetta Jackson in an interview with  Lauren Winfrey on WTMJ-TV  Milwaukee*. Tynetta and others are working to change the negative stigma associated with her community  through their non-profit group, Solomon's Outreach and Urban Learning Sessions (SOULS). 

 According to Jackson, it's the increase of violence among youth in Milwaukee that prompted her to act and establish SOULS.

She isn't alone in her effort. There’s  a lot of young kids out here that have the potential," Shane Megonigle said. "But they don’t have the means or the know how, and if you keep cutting programs and stuff like that... where are they going to go.”  Jackson agrees, something must be done. That's why she said she's on a mission to involve more churches and community members in her SOULS seeking effort.  

You can learn more about SOULS today - and how they Just talk to young people as they are” on this recent WORT-fm Interview on the  ‘8:00 Buzz’ show, 

Tynnetta Jackson, Dr. Damita Brown,and Pastor Charles Watkins, co-founders of Solomons Outreach and Urban Learning Sessions (SOULS) are interviewed on WORT-fm on December14, 2021.  They talk about the work they are doing in Milwaukee, reaching out to the community through their cafes and working to reduce violence ad change the climate of the city.

You can listen in Madison at 89.9FM or online anywhere at  


More on the founders of SOULS: 

Tynnetta Jackson co-founder and Director of Solomons Outreach and Urban Learning Sessions (SOULS)  hosts monthly community and virtual informational Cafes, and currently works with the Medical College of Wisconsin to host monthly science cafes. She has been a long time community leader, activist, organizer and motivational speaker. She was recently elected as co-chair of the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. 

Pastor Charles Watkins is a graduate of Arkansas Baptist College, the Morris Booker Seminary, and a United States Air Force veteran, he is the pastor of King Solomon M.B.C. and co-founder of SOULS.


Photo from the SOULS Facebook page,

Vicki Berenson (l), Tynetta Jackson(center) and a SOULS activists...


To learn more about this WNPJ member group: 

SOULS (Solomon's Outreach and Urban Learning Sessions)

Contact: Tynnetta Jackson at 414-944-1083




(*Note on the video report from 2016 - this TV news report may not be supported by all computer systems - but the article is accessible to all.)