Madison Chefs: Stories of Food, Farms, and People – online Zoom event Jan 5

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Wed. Jan 5th 6:30 pm Madison Chefs: Stories of Food, Farms, and People – online Zoom event, presented by Lindsay Christians, food editor and arts writer at The Capital Times, with Kyle Nabilcy, Isthmus restaurant critic, in a Q&A format. Hosted by Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin (CHEW). UW Press recently published Christians’ first book, “Madison Chefs: Stories of Food, Farms, and People,” in December 2021, featuring nine profiles, 150 color images and 28 recipes. Lindsay and Kyle will talk about the process of reporting the book, editing and testing the recipes in it, the challenges of crafting a recent history, and the current restaurant scene in Madison. Though the city has always been ahead of the locavore movement, a restaurant boom in the 2010s radically changed the dining landscape. Even when individual eateries close or chefs move on, their ideas, connections, and creativity have lasting power. Much larger cities have been unable to match the culinary variety, innovation, and depth of talent found in Wisconsin’s state capital. For login details, visit:


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