Senators: Vote NO on the $8 TRILLION Pentagon Budget. Vote YES to fund $3.5T for healthcare, education, and green jobs!

This is URGENT. Email and Call your Senators to tell them: we CAN afford healthcare, education, and green jobs! The people and planet CAN’T afford an $8 Trillion  Pentagon budget!  The House passed this 'shameful' Pentagon spending bill. Wisconsin Dems Gwen Moore and Mark Pocan voted no.

“In no way could I support yet another year of wasteful, unaudited, irresponsible Defense spending,” said Rep. Barbara (D-California), Lee, who has spent years trying to get Congress to rescind open-ended authorizations for the use of military force. “Don’t ever tell me we can’t afford to invest in our communities when we just approved $778 billion for the Pentagon. Shameful to say the least.” The Nation's John Nichols has the story.

The Senate is now poised to pass an outrageous $8 Trillion Pentagon budget [which is the cost over the next decade] in November. Over HALF of that budget will go directly into the pockets of notorious war profiteers. 

At the same time, Senators are saying we “can’t afford” to pay $3.5Trillion [over the next decade] for healthcare, education, and green jobs and are threatening to cut funding for these programs IN HALF.

Tell them: : As your constituent, I’m reaching out to ask that you vote NO on the outrageous $780 billion National Defense Authorization Act and commit to passing a $3.5T reconciliation bill that funds healthcare, education, and green jobs.

Action Alert sent to WNPJ by Peace Action WI

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