Call today - to block the new U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia


This Action Alert concerns the new U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia. Our Peace Action campaign to block this sale scored a major victory when we were able to gain a Senate vote on the sale. The Senate will be voting on a resolution by Senators Paul, Sanders and Lee to block the sale any day now. Can you call your Senators today and ask them both to vote for this resolution to disapproval the sale?

Please take a moment to call your Senators and ask them to vote for 

Call the Congressional switchboard at 1-202-224-3121

Ask to be connected to your Senator's office

[Repeat this for both Senators if you can.]

Once connected, say (in your own words as much as you can):

“Hello, my name is (your name) and I am a constituent from (your city). I am calling because I want to U.S. to stop our complicity with the human rights disaster in Yemen. I'd like the Senator to vote for the Joint Resolution of Disapproval by Senators Paul, Lee, and Sanders to block the $650 million sale of missiles and other military support to Saudi Arabia. These missiles can be used in the blockade of Yemen that is part of the Saudi's cruel use of hunger and famine as a weapon. Saudi Arabia is engaging in horrible human rights violations and the U.S. should not be offering them military support of any kind until they change this."

Congress moves at a glacial pace -- until it speeds up like a rocket. Now is one of those times and the vote could happen any day now. Please call today. 

Thank you,

Kevin Martin
President, Peace Action <>