SPOTLIGHT on a WNPJ member group - with a new name: Flywheel Skill Share

Flywheel Skill Share is an interconnected community in which meaningful relationships drive collective change.   Flywheel Skill Share uses an antiracist and restorative justice lens in Dane County to connect people in sharing time and talents to meet needs, improve systems, and address community issues. More about this group – their upcoming events and Action Alerts - follow....


How to Join Flywheel

This membership model is very straightforward. We are asking folx to join Flywheel commit to offering 4 hours a month.  Skill sharing can be attending Flywheel events, contributing to existing projects, starting your own projects or 1 to 1 shares of skills and resources. We are also open to your ideas about how to get the minimum of 4 hours. Every hour is offered in a collective tally. Through this we see the power of our collective action.  
We invite you to join Flywheel.  

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Flywheel Skill Share

Phone: 608-663-0400

Address: PO Box 1565 Madison WI 53703


This group was previously called:

Dane County TimeBank <>


ACTION ALERT for December 2nd: :

Flywheel Has Been Pushed Out of La Follette: Take Action

For many years, Dane County Timebank has partnered with La Follette High School to facilitate their restorative justice program and create transformative opportunities for students and staff alike. Unfortunately, due to a change in leadership at the school, our work has started to experience pushback and pushout. As of October 6th, our abolitionist restorative justice work at LFHS has been paused at the request of the interim principal, Mat Thompson. We have resisted the attempts to conflate and conjoin restorative justice work with the security office, as it goes against evidence-based best practices and continues to harm Black children. We invite you to use your voice to support our abolitionist restorative justice work by joining us for a Letter Writing Action on Zoom on Thursday December 2nd at 6-8pmLet’s stand up to make sure students continue to have access to programs where they feel valued, supported, and safe. RSVP for the Letter Writing event here



First Friday Film Screening

Join us for First Unitarian Church’s First Friday Film, on Friday December 3rd, where we will be screening James Baldwin’s 1979 Speech at UC Berkeley, “Take Your Children Out of These Schools”. The screening will be accompanied with a discussion about anti-Black racism in schools and envisioning alternative spaces where Black kids can thrive. Learn more at:



A group of allies working in partnership with Freedom Inc's youth organizers are gathering virtually on Saturday, December 4 from 9:30 - 11 AM to discuss ways of building analysis, capacity, and resiliency for future calls to keep police out of schools and bring transformative justice in.  

Interested? Sign up here. 



There are lots of big things happening on our end that we are excited to share with you.

Introducing New Name, Mission, Vision, and Website

We are changing our name! Dane County Timebank is changing to Flywheel Skill Share. We are carrying forward many values and benefits of timebanking, while expanding with other ways of sharing skills to meet community needs and centering abolitionist restorative justice and antiracist organizing.

Flywheel Mission: Using skill sharing we connect people of diverse backgrounds to meet collective and individual needs, develop abolitionist awareness and practices in order to create resilient and just alternative communities.

Flywheel Vision: Flywheel seeks to learn about and more fully manifest options for interconnected communities in which meaningful relationships are grounded in racial, economic and social justice practices, principles and values. We are committed to enhancing the capacity of marginalized and other communities to invite radical alternatives to the life and soul crushing violence of racial capitalism and patriarchy. We engage creative and non-violent, life-affirming, contemplative, healing, transformative action as the primary means of response to the deep historical and institutionalized violence and other harm.

Through abolitionist restorative justice, timebanking, skill sharing and cultural enrichment, we seek to transform power dynamics, empower autonomous community led solutions and heal the harm of divide and conquer, silos, internalized oppression, alienation, status clinging, blame games and other overlays and remnants imperialism, colonialism and racial capitalism.

We refuse to become what 500 years of oppression has asked us to become: inactive, unaware, violent, self-hating, suspicious and fearful people who do what we are told even against our best interests as if we were robots.

Instead we choose to liberate our identities, communities and resources by creating alternatives that are based on fundamental respect for the basic goodness of the earth and its resources, fellow humankind and its richness and basic goodness and power of Black, Brown poor, youth, queer and other so called marginalized communities.

Website: Along with our name change, we will have a brand new website! We will announce our official website launch date soon. Explore the new site to find more information about our renewed mission and vision, projects and initiatives, and ways to get involved.



Recent event: Flywheel Skill Share Launch

Thank you to everyone who showed up for our Launch Party at October 25. It was a lively night, with great drinks and food at Café CODA, fresh ideas, and karaoke! Check out the photos from the event on Facebook or Instagram.



Giving Tuesday

Flywheel Skill Share is participating in Giving Tuesday! As we are in a moment of transformation, we can use all the support we can get to mobilize on our visions for community skill-building and sustainability. Donate to help us reach our goals to buy a new space that can be a central hub for abolitionist restorative justice in Dane County. This will be a space where youth can come together and develop their leadership skills. Help support workshop development that creates community sustainability, antiracism practice and action, art parties, contemplative retreats, and immersive and transformative experiences. Becoming a sustainer and giving a monthly contribution will have a huge impact on the sustainability of this work. Go to on Tuesday November 30 to make your donation!


We hope everyone has time for rest and togetherness during the holidays. We also encourage you to check out Take care and be well.

Flywheel Skill Share

Phone: 608-663-0400

Address: PO Box 1565 Madison WI 53703


This group was previously called:

Dane County TimeBank <>