WNPJ Members and others respond to Rittenhouse verdict

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WISDOM: The verdict in the Kenosha murder case has come as a shock to us all.  We cannot excuse the expressions of white supremacy that have surrounded this situation and the people who will see this as some sort of vindication of violent behavior...Even worse is that some will use it to portray the killer as some sort of hero. This verdict is one more demonstration that our criminal legal system is broken.  A young white man was just exonerated for actions we all know would have been punished severely if he had been African-American or Native American.  Unfortunately, in our state and country, justice is not blind. Read more

Matt Rothschild of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign writes: 

                “This appalling verdict is a green light for white vigilante violence. It is yet another sign that there is no accountability in America, and no respect for the lives of people in the anti-racist camp. Look no further than the closing statement of Rittenhouse’s attorney, Mark Richards, who “I’m glad he shot Rosenbaum.” That is sickening! And so is this verdict. Rittenhouse will become even more of a hero to the far right. And there will be more Rittenhouses to come. The jury has sowed the wind, and the harvest will not be pretty.”  

To counteract this threat, we need to be courageous. We need to protest nonviolently against this verdict despite the threats, we need to call out racism wherever we see it, and we need to try to reach two or three people in our lives who don’t always agree with us but are otherwise decent people and try to draw them away from the lures of the far right.   Read more

Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice Stands with the People of Kenosha - Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice is deeply disturbed by the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.  With this verdict—Not Guilty on all counts—vigilantism is given free rein in Wisconsin.  The message comes across loud and clear – it is OK for a white 17-year-old to brandish an assault weapon openly on the streets and murder unarmed people under the guise of “self-defense” in a situation largely brought about by the shooter's threatening actions.  Read more

Rittenhouse Case Cannot Be Allowed to Embolden More White Vigilantism The Steering Committee of the National Lawyers Guild of Milwaukee, and the Board of Rid Racism Milwaukee

People across the globe have watched with deep concern since August 25, 2020 when Kyle Rittenhouse killed two men until this month when he was put on trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His murderous actions have been endorsed by a well-funded campaign to raise him to hero status. This campaign threatens to dangerously normalize armed attacks on Black Lives Matter and allied demonstrators, and also to embolden white vigilantes to use life-threatening violence. Read more


Let Kindness Win - blog post: the Revolution Will Not Be Televised

I don’t have a TV, haven’t for many years.  So watching the hotel’s six news outlets gave me a glimpse at the BS streaming in most homes on a daily basis. The Rittenhouse trail has gone to deliberation.  Pundits from all sides regurgitate what their team wants to hear. Heated arguments among the few gathered outside the courthouse are spotlighted. And if you blinked you missed the interfaith clergy praying near-by for sanity and sanctity to prevail...Just not sexy enough for airtime. 

More importantly, witnessing people standing for peace could unite more people for peace and unity doesn’t serve our war minded economy. Divisiveness is ignorance and very abundant these days.  Read More