If you are interested in participating in any of the activities below - or if you have skills to offer such as writing, media, technology or communications, please get back to us at safeskieswi@gmail.com and we will connect you with the right person!  This is a brief overview of some of the things we are working on.


Legal Initiatives

1.       Lawsuit #1 filed, challenging the Environmental Assessment on construction at Truax, asserting that it was not legally prepared. Best case scenario: they would have to stop construction and do a a full Environmental Impact Statement.

2.       Lawsuit #2 filed, challenging Environmental Impact Statement on the F-35 basing decision, arguing that the existing EIS uses old documents and does not include new information, including PFAS evidence and stricter noise standards currently under review. A judge will decide whether the record can be extended, with a decision possible next year.

3.       An Environmental Justice Complaint is being drafted. The Air Force is not subject to EJ policies or laws (although it should be), others are subject to it: Air National Guard, Air National Guard Bureau, Dane County, Dane County Airport, and the Governor as Commander in Chief of the Air National Guard.

4.       Our attorney is looking into whether we can file a PFAS suit under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) - the public law that creates the framework for the proper management of hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste.




Our colleagues in Vermont are fighting the F-35 fighter jet training in their community. They argue:

By conducting F-35 fighter jet training in an urban area, the Air National Guard is violating laws and rules designed to protect residents found in the US constitution, laws and military regulations, and Vermont criminal laws.

State military and political leaders have both the power and the obligation to immediately halt F-35 training at any location where Vermonters are being hurt or injured.

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National Organizing

It’s not just OUR backyard, it’s many communities around the U.S. and abroad. CODEPINK is helping us bring together the many groups opposing the F-35s to make it clear it’s a national and global issue - for so many reasons besides the noise.

The U.S. has provided F-35s to Israel as part of their military aid, and other countries like United Arab Emirates, Canada and Switzerland are attempting to purchase them.

The F-35 is clearly becoming nuclear-capable and some military officials have described a scenario where a pilot is button-ready to drop a nuclear bomb at the Russian border, which then causes Russia to cease whatever aggressive moves they have begun and the plane is recalled. Sound realistic to you? What could go wrong?

Despite promises, nuclear missiles have been assembled and stored at Truax in the past and there are no guarantees it won’t happen again.

British F-35 jet crashed into the Mediterranean on Wednesday.

South Burlington, Vermont reports


Public Officials

We believe that strong voices from our public officials are important in turning around the Air Force decision. A group is continuing to work on ways to pressure Senator Baldwin, but others are working on getting our county leaders to take a strong public stand. The Dane County Board recently passed a resolution to increase monitoring and transparency on PFAS initiatives, and we want to make sure it’s enforced.

We are looking into bringing the F-35 issue to upcoming candidate forums.



The construction at Truax has revealed that the water level is only 5’ down, and PFAS are at hundreds of times the regulated levels. The Air National Guard should be filtering the water before it goes into Starkweather Creek and the DNR needs to be aware and active on the issue. Safe Skies will be working with other environmental groups on this.


Strategy Planning

Working on strategy is an ongoing effort. Much of it involves continuing our education of the public, and building connections with people and groups that can help strengthen our campaign. We are also looking at our messaging to make it more appealing.


Thank you and hang in there! Change is sometimes slow but we start and we keep at it from all of us at Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin



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