WISDOM: The verdict in the Kenosha murder case has come as a shock to us all.

The verdict in the Kenosha murder case has come as a shock to us all.   We cannot excuse the expressions of white supremacy that have surrounded this situation and the people who will see this as some sort of vindication of violent behavior. 

Even worse is that some will use it to portray the killer as some sort of hero.

 This verdict is one more demonstration that our criminal legal system is broken.  A young white man was just exonerated for actions we all know would have been punished severely if he had been African-American or Native American.  Unfortunately, in our state and country, justice is not blind.

This verdict has also demonstrated how bankrupt our system of "justice" has become.  

In WISDOM, we believe that far fewer people should be in prison.  And, people should be incarcerated for much less time than is the case now, especially for people of color and people without money or wealthy backers.  People grow and change, even after they have done very bad things.  And locking them in cages does not help that process - many people grow emotionally and spiritually while incarcerated despite the system, not because of it.

This case demonstrates that we are lacking as a society in imagination.  People need to be held accountable.  But we need to find other ways to do that, other than just locking them away.  We need to find ways to keep our communities safe from gun-toting extremists and others who show no respect for human life.  

As an organization, we need to offer our prayers for those who were murdered, for their families, for the people of Kenosha, and for us all. 

We also need to be resolved to continue to work toward the day when we will have a system of justice that first seeks true accountability, healing, reconciliation and the "beloved community" that Dr. King spoke of. 

We can see today that we have a very, very long way to go.

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