Call to Action - Fight for Paid Family Leave

Paid family leave is vital to rebuilding our economy, getting people, especially women, back to work, and ensuring we have a healthy workforce that also can take care of their families. The United States is the only wealthy country that has no federally mandated program for paid family and medical leave.  The Build Back Better plan includes a comprehensive paid family leave policy, but this much needed and popular program is in danger of being cut from the reconciliation bill.
Please join in the fight to keep paid family leave in the reconciliation bill.  Contact your member of Congress and tell them we need a robust, comprehensive paid family and medical leave program.  You can find more information about paid family medical leave here.  Visit The Main Street Alliance for talking points and a link to send a message to your congress member. 
Help our hard working families get the help they need to care for themselves and their families!
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