Spotlight on a WNPJ member group and project: Building Unity

Building Unity is a joint project of Wisconsin Network for Peace, Justice (WNPJ), Wisconsin Grassroots Network (WGN), Family Farm Defenders (FFD), and many others. Beginning Spring 2018, BU took this project on the road to connect with groups and individuals throughout Wisconsin and strengthen our growing culture that is committed to peace, justice, freedom, sustainability, and democracy.

We called this the Building Unity Tour.

The Building Unity Tour is about making connections, raising awareness, and taking action for change by listening, informing, finding common ground, and seeking solutions.  Together we can help each other build the unity we need to realize the world we all dream of. We encourage the people of Wisconsin to take part in the Building Unity Tour.

Building Unity has been involved with getting out the vote, organizing caravans in support of stopping Line #3 in Minnesota, organizing rallies to stop the F35’s, support for clean water in WI, using the bus to promote citizenship for immigrants and much more.



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