Spotlight on a WNPJ member group: Veterans for Peace Milwaukee

Armistice Day observance will be held on Thursday, November 11th in Milwaukee - sponsored by Veterans for Peace and a coalition of peace and justice groups, both on-line and in person. Meet at the Milwaukee City Hall Rotunda, 200 E. Wells St, 7 pm.  Speakers: Kathy Kelly, international peace activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and Clayborn Benson, founder/director of Wisconsin Black Historical Society. Music by Frogwater and Harvey Taylor. All welcome. Masks required.  For more information:  Bill Christofferson, 414-486-9651  vfpchapter102@gmailcom

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Veterans for Peace works to educate on the true costs of war & advocate for a more peaceful & just society.

Learn more about this chapter of VFP at: 

*Veterans for Peace - Chapter 102 - Milwaukee
Contact: Mark Foreman
Address: 11325 W Daphne St, Milwaukee, WI 53224
Phone:  414-550-8945