Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - Forward! Marching Band

Madison's Activist Street Band!  Founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 2011, Forward! Marching Band was forged in the crucible of the epic protests surrounding the (former) Governor Walker’s regressive agenda. For weeks, we marched around the capitol in the snow and rain, gaining members and experience. Since that time, Forward! Marching Band has dedicated itself to maintaining that unique fighting spirit of the Wisconsin protest movement.

​We believe in using music to help fuel social change, have fun, and build community. Forward! Marching Band is an ever-changing group of musicians. We play tunes from the catalogs of rock, klezmer, pop, labor, Balkan, New Orleans, and folk music. Our band consists of a diverse range of ages, musicianship, and abilities. We love costumes, silly hats, and spectacle! We share the duties of researching and arranging musical selections, directing and shaping rehearsals, costuming, and scheduling the band. Forward! Marching Band brings lively tunes to political protests, marches, rallies, parades, and community events.


Here’s a video to see the Forward! Marching Band in action!

There’s a contact form, if you’d like to ‘book’ the Forward! Marching Band for one of your events:

And if you have some musical talent and would like to join the group – let them know!


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Forward! Marching Band - Madison
Contact: Janet Parker (sax emeritus) and Laurie Rossbach
Phone: 608- 257-2748 or 608-241-0259