Celebration of resistance to the planned F-35 basing in Madison Oct 17

Event Dates: 

Sun. Oct. 17th 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM State St. Corner – WI State Capitol No F-35 Caravan and Creative Celebration! Decorate your car or bike and join the “No F-35 Caravan” for a loop around the Square. At 1:30 pm we will then head to a COVID-safe, creative celebration at  Demetral Park (601 N. 6th St.) and will feature the music of Tani and the Afrofunkstars and Clare Norelle!

There will be art making, and free food. For more info, visit: https://tinyurl.com/CaravanToStopF35


Dear Madison Area Leaders for Peace and Justice. Please consider having your group, congregation, or organization endorse and promote this city-wide show of solidarity and celebration of resistance to the planned F-35 basing in Madison.If enough of us come together, we can still stop this very bad thing from happening to our beloved community.

Resistance to F-35 Basing in Madison, WI

City-wide No F-35’s Solidarity Caravan and Creative Community Celebration


Please help us to invite Madison area congregations, neighborhood centers, organizations, schools, and businesses to be a part of this city-wide show of solidarity. ...October 17th!


*** Please fill out this form if your group would like to host a caravan stop and/or co-sponsor this event: https://tinyurl.com/NoF35CaravanSignUp. Your endorsement and help with promotion would mean the world to us!


Having the caravan on October 17 taps into two other big action campaigns--one focusing on racial justice, the other on climate justice--basing the F-35s in Madison is an attack to both!

1. #TeachTheTruthWisconsinhttps://tinyurl.com/WIteachTruthFbA week (October 10-17) of teaching the truth about racial and other forms of injustice--sponsored by Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice, Wisconsin Council of Churches, Wisdom, MOSES, Lutheran Office on Public Policy, First Unitarian Society, and others.

2. GreenFaith's Global Multi-Faith Actions for Climate Justice:  https://greenfaith.org/faiths4climatejustice/Our caravan will be one of many actions happening all over the world on Oct. 17th in advance of COP26 conference in Glasgow. It will start from many different houses of worship on Sunday at about noon. On Monday, Oct. 18th, we will take our message to the Wisconsin State Capitol for a multi-faith climate justice gathering. (“multi-faith” includes faith in love, kindness, science, care or humankind or other positive things. Please save the date and join us from this caravan. Many of us will be driving from FUS. Details coming soon!

For more information, or to help us with outreach, contact Janice Knapp-Cordes at janice.knappcordes@gmail.com or Hannah Lee at 608-588-7365. You can also get more info about this campaign at the Safe Skies Clean Water website: safeskiescleanwaterwi.org.


Despite years of massive public outcry, the U.S. Air Force and elected officials such as former President Trump and Senator Tammy Baldwin have pushed to base a squadron of 20 F-35’s at the Truax Air National Guard Base in Madison, WI. This is one of the worst places in the world to put these planes and a training center for flying them.

The Truax Air Base is adjacent to a number of low-income and working class neighborhoods, several schools, and all of Madison. The closest and most impacted neighborhoods are already stressed by the daily sounds of the F-16 warplanes and the commercial traffic of the Dane Co. Airport. 

While the F-35 is not a plane that should be anywhere, (it is a weapon designed for tactical nuclear war with only one person on board) it certainly should not be flying over dense residential areas on a daily basis. The noise created by this plane is said to be four times louder than the F-16s and it is believed to increase the risk of hearing damage in utero. Each one of these planes comes with a price tag of over $100 million. Every hour that they are flying - burning more carbon, polluting our air, water, and land, they cost U.S. taxpayers over $40,000. The F-35 uses 60% more fuel than the current F-16s and the emissions spewed by the jet’s exhaust are fine particulates that are bad for children and everyone else to breathe. The F-35 can burn 4000 lbs./597 gallons of JP-8 jet fuel per hour.


Thank you,

Tim Cordon, Social Justice Coordinator
First Unitarian Society of Madison

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