Preparing for National Voter Registration Day in September - Join In!

On Sept. 28, thousands of nonprofits around the country and hundreds of volunteers will join together on National Voter Registration Day with the goal of registering as many voters as possible.

In collaboration with the Wisconsin Voting Rights Coalition, and as part of our Wisconsin Interfaith Voter Engagement Campaign (a joint project of WFVJ and Wisconsin Council of Churches), we are organizing our partners here in Wisconsin and making sure groups have the resources they need to help their communities register to vote and ensure everyone has access to the ballot box. 

We would love to partner with you and provide voter education resources, so that you can join these efforts and help your community register to vote. If you’re interested in participating or need more voter education resources, please let me know. The Wisconsin Voting Rights Coalition is hosting a virtual workshop on Sept. 9 to train groups and volunteers how to do voter registration in Wisconsin.  Register for the workshop here.

You can find more information about National Voter Registration Day here or if you are interested in hosting an event, you can register with the national group here

This is our opportunity to build serious momentum for voting access just like we did in 2020. Now more than ever, we need to work together to get our communities more involved so they have a say in who makes the decisions in our state. The November 2020 election made it clear that the people hold the power and we need to continue that into 2022.

Here are other ways you can help our efforts:
•    Host a voter registration or voter education event – or partner with another group to host an event
•    Send an email to your members showing them how to register to vote
•    Post voter registration information and info about National Voter Registration Day on your social media pages
•    Ask your members and followers to share voter registration information with three friends

Sign Up Here!

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