Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - Pax Christi - Madison Chapter

The Pax Christi - Madison chapter is a branch of the larger organization, Pax Christi. Pax Christi is a membership organization that is against war and wartime preparation, every form of violence and domination, and personal and systemic racism. Pax Christi is a portion of a larger international community that emphasizes peace and justice that seeks to model the peace of Christ.

Pax Christi advocates for and provides leadership for:

  • disarmament
  • demilitarization
  • reconciliation with justice
  • inclusiveness
  • economic and interracial justice
  • human rights
  • care of creation.

It is through prayer, study and action to be attentive to the intersectionality of the key issues stated above and, in their response, to be conscious of their impact on the world community. 


Pax Christi was founded in 1945 in the aftermath of World War II by Marie-Marthe Dortel Claudot, a French woman. She met regularly with a small group to pray for forgiveness, reconciliation and the peace of Christ after witnessing fellow Catholics kill one another in the war. The movement gained traction across Europe and was eventually established in the United States in 1972.

 In 2005, joining more than 250 groups across the United States, the Madison chapter was created. Overall, the vision of Pax Christi is to create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world through the efforts of our members and in collaboration with other groups. 

Pax Christi - Madison Chapter participates in local peace initiatives and informs the community of their work for a better, more just world.  Please contact the group for updates.

(Photo: Pax Christi - Madison chapter members, Dennis Collier and Sr. Maureen McDonnell had a spot at the WNPJ booth at the Madison Farmers Market around Capitol Square.)



Pax Christi - Madison

Contact: Dennis Collier

Phone: 608-516-1656



Spotlight on a WNPJ member group created by volunteer Ambar Cornelio. THANKS!