Workshop brings curiosity, joy to people’s lives Sept 25

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Workshop brings curiosity, joy to people’s lives


Sinsinawa Mound Center is sponsoring a workshop to expand curiosity and joy in people’s lives—and the title will have you doing just that. Coddiwomple: Bringing Curiosity and Joy to Our Journey will be held in person at the Mound from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 25, 10 am.-4 p.m. or virtually from 6 to 8 p.m. CDT Wednesday, Oct. 6. Choose the session that works best for you. Please check our website for current COVID protocols for the in-person event.


Coddiwomple means to travel in a purposeful manner toward a vague destination. So often, our journey becomes weighed down with the seriousness of a desired and/or expected destination or outcome. Participants will approach their spiritual deepening with no idea what to expect. When we relinquish our “formula” for spiritual exploration, we suddenly go beyond and embrace a great wisdom that brings a greater joy and freedom to our lives. In the words of Anthony de Mello: “Believe it or not, every concept that was meant to help us get in touch with reality (or our divine nature) ends up a barrier to getting in touch with reality (our divine nature). That’s because we fail to remember that the words are not the thing.” We will explore the benefits of coddiwomple as it relates to our authentic growth as spiritual beings. Tom Roberts, a licensed psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, will lead the retreat.


The in-person session fee is $75 per person, and the registration deadline is Sept. 20. The virtual session fee is $30 per person, and the registration deadline is Oct. 5 at 4 p.m. CDT. Please register by contacting Arrangements at 608-748-4411 or visiting our website at


Sinsinawa Mound, the motherhouse for the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, is located in southwest Wisconsin on County Road Z, off Highway 11, about five miles northeast of Dubuque.