Still Time to Add More Maps - submit your own "ideal" map!!

The slogan of your team of map-helpers,  Mary Kay Baum and Dan Folkman, is  "If we can do it, you can do it".  Below we provide you with video steps to get your maps to both the People's Maps Commission Portal (PMC for short) and Legislature's Draw Your District Wisconsin (DYD for short) by October 15th.

But we are also here to talk about content, not just how to map in a certain program. The legislators and the public need to understand the map  with words. To get the most impact of your mapping, we request one thing. No matter which situation you are in below, we ask you to carefully prepare 250 compelling strong words of description written out ahead of time and ready to paste in. This is the important message of your DYD submission. In 250 words explain why the area of your map cannot remain gerrymandered again the way it is now. Point out there must be significant changes just to follow our State Constitution and federal voting rights law.   

Let this example hover in your mind as you write your own. This is the time the deciders need your feedback. The decisions will last at least ten years. 

Our racially diverse neighborhood is way too small to even be an Assembly District. Yet it is currently cracked enough to be tiny parts of three different Assembly Districts and three different Senate Districts. We carry the heavy burden of contacting all six different legislators on every issue. And being only a small part of any one legislator's district, we still carry little sway with any of the six legislators. All of our community is inside one municipality – the city of Milwaukee. Yet several of our legislators represent voters in other municipalities. None of our current Districts are compact. There is no justifiable reason for the way we were treated by the last redistricting. We want our State Constitution and federal law on minority groups to be followed. We should be in one Assembly District along with some of our immediate neighbors.  Our population is 25,215. We are White 39.6%; Hispanic 10.9%; Black 42.7%; 2 or more races 4.8% and Asian 1%. Would you do this to communities that are predominately white?

Now back to actual steps in mapping.


a. If you already submitted a Community of Interest map to the PMC and now want to send it to the Legislature this one's for you! Use video "Transfer Your Community of Interest Maps to the WI Legislature  

Following these steps will get your map submitted to the Legislature's Draw Your District (DYD). Yes, the DYD site is awkward to handle, does not provide enough space for words, and has no place for important places. But all who zoom in close will see a physical map without county or municipality lines. 

1) At the beginning we even show you how to find your map in the PMC if you have lost track of ID code. 2) If you are like most early mappers on PMC, you need help getting the required 2020 census data onto a new map before sending it to DYD. We include that. 



b.  If you have not yet submitted a Community of Interest map in the PMC that you want submitted "as is" to Legislature DYD, we suggest that you first go to our earlier detailed video entitled "Still Time to Add More Maps"  at  That will show how to start and submit a new map to the PMC that will already have the 2020 census data in it automatically. Follow this video, submit your map on the PMC and see your map in its gallery. Now you can switch over to watching our A.Transfer video that is Skip over the first 5 minutes of that video and follow it after 00:05:59 which will have you double check the new map you just submitted in PMC by clicking on it in the PMC gallery. Just keep following those instructions and you will have completed your map submissions both to the  People's Map Commission and the Legislature's DYD.




c. If you are ready to create new Legislative or Congressional  District maps or statewide or clusters of them, we also suggest following B. above including the A. transfer it takes you to. However, you must keep checking the correct type of map., like Assembly or State Senate, oor statewide CD, etc.  Also population deviation will become a major concern, as will compactness and and not diluting the votes of people of ethnic or language minorities.  Use the little eyeglass to hover over the units or municipalities to get data. Also, you might join a group doing similar work. We might be able to give you a referral. It helps when different parts of the state communicate. 


 And you can always call us for help.

Mary Kay Baum



“Partisan gerrymanders here debased and dishonored our democracy, turning upside-down the core American idea that all governmental power derives from the people.” Justice Elena Kagan asked herself: “Is it conceivable that someday voters will be able to break out of that prefabricated box?” Then she answered, “Sure. But everything possible has been done to make that hard...The practices challenged in these cases imperil our system of government... The practices challenged in these cases imperil our system of government... None is more important than free and fair elections." (June 2019)



To learn more about Gerrymandering in Wisconsin, see the August 2021 issue of In These Times magazine, The Fight to Undo Gerrymandering, by Katjusa Cisar.