Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - Worker Justice Wisconsin

Established in 2018, the Worker Justice Wisconsin, Inc. is a collective of individuals, religious congregations, interfaith organizations, labor unions and community organizations that are passionate about economic and worker justice. Worker Justice Wisconsin understands that worker justice is vital for a fair economy. The organization constructs communal, collective worker power through training, labor rights education, collective action and community engagement with a concentration on interfaith involvement.

Worker Justice Wisconsin seeks to bring together both the religious, faith-based and labor communities of South Central Wisconsin on the grounds of working to improve worker rights and to support the rights of workers and their engagement with collective bargaining. 

Connecting both religious and workers’ rights organizations, it is no surprise that Worker Justice Wisconsin, Inc. has a variety of present campaigns.

  • One of such campaigns is the Fight for $15, a global movement that was initiated by fast food workers but now includes those working low wage jobs. Their aim is to organize by unionizing, and also working to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour.
  • An additional campaign is encouraging the use of the Just Dining Guide. Created in 2016, this user-friendly guide assists diners when out in Madison to make ethical choices.
  • Another campaign is the Dignity at Work Coalition, which serves to bring together Wisconsin people of faith, worker organizations and advocates to establish a dignified life for all laborers. It is composed of individuals who advocate or organize for social and economic justice for all, and seeks to establish higher levels of respect and equality among all laborers. 
  • An additional campaign is being part of the pathway to citizenship work going on in Congress right now.


UPDATE: Cancelled event on September 6th -  the  2021 Labor Fest located at the Madison Labor Temple Grounds.  See


Worker Justice Wisconsin

Contact: Rebecca Meier-Rao

Address: 1602 S. Park St. #116, Madison, WI 53715

Phone: 608-255-0376






Spotlight created by WNPJ volunteer Ambar Cornelio! Thanks, Amber.