The "Faithful Stance for Equity" next Zoom meeting Sept 13

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The "Faithful Stance for Equity" work continues to grow.  Last week, more than 125 people gathered again to talk about ways that people of faith and good will can stand up against those who want to prohibit the teaching of the truth about racial oppression in our country's past and present.  This movement is about much more than some webinars.  People around the state are mobilizing for public events, to testify at school boards and common councils and county boards.


It is exciting to see people stepping up and standing up for equity and the truth.  It looks like we will need to keep doing it, and we will need many more people to become part of the movement.


Please join our next Zoom meeting:


Monday, September 13
6:30 pm. 
To register, click here:  Faithful Stance for Equity September 13


But...  You don't have to wait that long.  You can join the more than 250 people who have already taken the Pledge for Equity, and get on the list to find out about things going on around the state, and actions you can take. 


The pledge is here: take the pledge.