UNA USA Dane County -on-line Program with Jim Good from Interworks Sept 14

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Join us for our Tuesday, September 14th Event - on-line!!  7-8:30 pm

Pitfalls and Potential in United Nations Staff Preparedness
Presented by Jim Good from InterWorks, LLC


This short presentation will focus on the opportunities as well as day-to-day frustrations with preparedness planning and training international humanitarian work. The presentation will highlight aspects of three relatively recent emergency preparedness strategies:

Monsoon contingency planning for Kutapalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh

Refugee emergency preparedness simulation exercise in Tajikistan

UNHCR’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) roster for emergency response preparedness 

These mini-illustrations will be from 10 – 15 minutes each, with an open Q & A session following for 20-30 minutes. The presenter, Jim Good is a Partner at InterWorks, LLC, based in Madison, Wisconsin and has been training, planning, and simulating emergency responses for improved preparedness with international NGOs and the UN system for the last 30 years.

We look forward to seeing you there!
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Greetings UNA Dane members and friends,

UPDATE: If you missed this event on Sept 14th or are interested in watching it in the future, we have posted it onto our Youtube Channel. This channel has other past virtual presentations as well. 

Link to the recording ➡️https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0ixMmYNJlc&t=803s


Thanks again for your participation and for being a part of UNA-USA Dane County. 

UNA-USA Dane County