Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - The Farley Center

The Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainably is a center dedicated to socially progressive change, community partnership, sustainability and ecological justiceThis member group was started by longtime family physicians, Linda and Gene Farley, who were dedicated to making the world better and more desirable for all. Located outside of Verona, Wisconsin, the gathering house and farm they built were centered on the idea of making land more accessible to those who have little resources to purchase land. The Farleys also understood the importance of locally grown agriculture that creates a legacy of sustainability. 


The mission of the center is focused on several aspects, including: 

  • promoting peace, justice and sustainability with education and activities for the community,
  • facilitating the work of peace, justice and environmental social action groups through community partnerships,
  • reaching beginning farmers with technical assistance and helping them build capacity through organic farm incubation,
  • and education, promoting organic gardening and farming through education and land use, demonstrating ecologically sound environmental preservation through organic farming and education about natural burial practices, protecting the land so that it can serve as a natural learning environment for all, including those in educational programs that can benefit from this resource, nurturing community growth, connection and revitalization by hosting meetings, workshops, and small gatherings that focus on peace, justice and sustainability. 


The Farley Center supports several events and programs year-round to promote their mission.

One of such programs is the Farley Center Beekeepers, which first started in 2016. The goal was to provide pollination for the crops cultivated at the Farley Center, educate visitors about honeybees, and provide a place for honeybees to thrive.

The Farley Center also features land art, which is earth and environmental art created by artists who use natural materials from the Earth. The Farley Center has exhibitions and installations throughout the year. Uniquely, these art creations, because they are made of materials completely from Earth, have the capacity to naturally decompose back into the land that they originated from.

The Farley Center also has a Food Pantry garden, which grows nutritious food for low-income families in the Madison area. 

Another special program at the Farley Center is the Natural Path Sanctuary. The nature preserve encompasses 25 acres of woods and meadows that include a pond and rocky ridges.  The nature preserve has been platted as a natural burial grounds which ensures the natural preservation of the land in perpetuity.  Visit for information about the natural burial grounds/green cemetery located in the nature preserve.


One exciting, upcoming event at the Farley Center is the Farley Center Concert with Harmonious Wail. This will take place on August 8, 1pm to 2:30pm. All are invited for an in-person concert with Harmonious Wall. Harmonious Wall is a trio of musicians whose musical style is Americana-infused Gypsy Jazz. Attendees are encouraged to come early or stay late to take a walk through the Natural Path Sanctuary and Farley Center Farms. Attendees should also bring their own blanket, chair, food and drinks. Social distancing and masks are required. The cost for this event is $25.00 which is paid at the door. All proceeds will go to the musicians.



Farley Center for Peace, Justice & Sustainability
Contact: Caroline Tu Farley
Address: 2299 Springrose Road, Verona, WI  53593
Phone: 608-845-8724                                                                                                      





Spotlight provided by WNPJ volunteer, Ambar Cornelio. THANKS!