Our Hearts are Weary Action - Mobilization Against Militarism at the Madison Farmer's Market Sept 11

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Mobilization Against Militarism:

Peace and Social Justice Groups Call on Senator Baldwin to Stop Supporting Arms Dealers Over Concerns of US Citizens


For Immediate Release -September 9, 2021

Contacts:  Joy First, joyfirst5@gmail.com  608 239-4327

Bob Graf, bobsyouruncle@sbcglobal.net   414 379-4162


Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars will be joined by more than ten other peace and social justice groups in front of Senator Tammy Baldwin’s office at 30 W. Mifflin St. at 10:00 am on Saturday Sept. 11 during the Dane County Farmer’s Market.


September 11 marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11.  On this day our hearts are weary after at least 20 years of the “forever wars” and skyrocketing Pentagon budgets.  After untold trillions of dollars and a great loss of life, what did we achieve in Afghanistan?  While the war in Afghanistan has been declared “over” and all U.S. troops have been pulled out, drone warfare continues, and will continue until elected leaders like Senator Baldwin stop supporting rampant militarism.


We DEMAND an end to the ever-increasing military spending and militarism that is supported by Senator Baldwin.  The United States has been killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world for the last 20 years and this must end.


War is NOT the Answer!


Martin Luther King said, "A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom." 

And so we ask Senator Baldwin to address our demands.


·       Stop voting for over $700 billion per year for the military.

·       Stop supporting the F-35 in Madison.

·       Stop supporting the Pentagon, the biggest industrial polluter on the planet.

·       Stop supporting jobs in the military over jobs in education, clean energy, and health care.


We have invited Sen. Baldwin or a representative to join us on Sept. 11 and address these issues.


Some of us will be moved to engage in nonviolent civil resistance if Senator Baldwin does not recognize our concerns.  Because of the urgency of the situation with innocent people continuing to be murdered by our government all over the Middle East and Africa, we will not leave until we hear from Senator Baldwin.  We will set up tents in front of her office and continue our vigil until she agrees to meet with us concerning our demands.


Contacts will be available for comments on Sept. 11 at the rally.


·       Joy First of Mt Horeb, WI is a long-time peace activist who has been arrested more than 40 times in Washington, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Iowa as she continues in the struggle for peace and justice.

·       Bob Graf of Milwaukee, WI, a member of the Milwaukee 14, is a long-time advocate for justice and peace. 


Sponsored by:  Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars, Interfaith Peace Working Group, Madison DSA, Madison Raging Grannies, Peace Action WI, Peace Economics, Peregrine Forum, Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin, Veterans for Peace Clarence Kailin Chapter 25, Veterans for Peace Milwaukee Chapter 102, WILPF – Madison, WILPF – Milwaukee Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice



Letter to Senator Tammy Baldwin

The following letter was sent to Senator Tammy Baldwin on August 23 via the U.S. Postal Service and also cut and pasted into her message box on her official website.


August 23, 2021

Dear Senator Baldwin

You are our Senator, representing us in congress.  We have supported you in the past, but it is getting more difficult because for many years now we believe you are not representing us in your votes promoting militarism.  Militarism, as Martin Luther King Jr. stated, is one of the triple ‘evils’, along with racism and excessive materialism, that harm our American society.  As you know, the U.S. government spends more on militarism than the next 11 countries combined.  We would like the money we spend on militarism moved to spending on human needs, such as health care, housing, food, education, and a green energy economy.

Therefore, for our continued support we ask that you commit to:

Lowering the 2022 spending from the 2021 present military budget of 740 billion dollars, over 60% of the total US discretionary budget.  It is against  our values when the Department of Defense gets more of our taxpayer dollars than all the other departments of our government, education, health, housing, State, etc. combined.

Withdrawing your advocacy and support for the F-35 being based in Madison.  This plane, a major polluter of the environment, air, water and noise, is considered by many military experts a “boondoggle”, too big to fail.  Madison and Wisconsin residents have made it clear they do not want it. 

Stop supporting increased funding to the largest industrial polluter in the world, the US military.  In a world on the brink of climate destruction, we must lessen our support for major polluters.  War is nonsustainable and only leads to more wars with destruction to continue.

Supporting more jobs in education, clean energy and health care over military jobs.  We know that “1 billion in military spending creates approximately 11,200 jobs, compared with 26,700 in education,16,800 in clean energy, and 17,200 in health care.” https://watson.brown.edu/costsofwar/costs/economic/economy/employment  

We will gather in front of your office on the square on Sept. 11, 2021 at 10:00 am to hear your response to these demands.  We would like you or your representative to be present and show us that you hear us and will represent us.  We wait for your response on 9/11 at the Madison Farmers Market, a day we remember the terror of 9/11 and also celebrate sustainability.


Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars

joyfirst5@gmail.com    608 239-4327


To be part of this event and to cosponsor, contact Joy or Bonnie of this WNPJ member group


To watch the 10-minute video of today's Sept 11th event, go to https://youtu.be/bfxKCh-qSyA


*Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars
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