Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - Wisconsin Green Muslims

Wisconsin Green Muslims is a grassroots environmental justice group formed in 2005. Based out of Milwaukee, WI, this group works to promote greener, more eco-friendly living using these tools: 

  • educating the Muslim community and the general public about the Islamic environmental justice teachings
  • applying these teachings in daily life
  • and forming coalitions with others working toward a just, healthy, peaceful and sustainable future. 

One of their primary areas of action is through the Wisconsin Faith, Environmental Justice and Solar Initiative. Through this program, the Wisconsin Green Muslims group provides free or discounted desktop solar assessment, computerized solar assessment, and on-site solar assessment. The Wisconsin Green Muslims also are available for presentations, consultations, and discussions about the Wisconsin Faith, Environmental Justice and Solar Initiative. Presently, this Initiative has reached 6,000 people of 18 different faiths and spiritualities through more than 125 Faith and Solar presentations and related events. At these presentations, the Wisconsin Green Muslims demonstrate how solar energy can bring people of faith together to care for the Earth -our common home- and save money to reinvest in their missions.

An additional area of interest for the Wisconsin Green Muslims is their FaRaH Initiative, which stands for Faithful Rainwater Harvesting, which connects social, financial, and spiritual arenas. FaRaH members work to educate how harvesting rainwater can bring people of faith together, to celebrate caring for the Earth. 


Wisconsin Green Muslims

Contact: Huda Alkaff
Address: 1836 W. Fond Du Lac Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53205



Much thanks to WNPJ volunteer Ambar Cornelio for putting this Spotlight together!