Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - The Interfaith Peace Working Group

The Interfaith Peace Working Group (IPWG) is an organization made up of advocates from communities of faith and conscience committed to the struggle for justice, peace and the care of creation. IPWG is passionate about educating the public about the theory and practice of nonviolence.  They are advocates for the importance of nonviolence in the struggle for peace, justice and the care of creation. The Interfaith Peace Working Group also works diligently for the demilitarization of society by educating people about the negative effects of spending around 60% of the nation’s discretionary funds on the military.

IPWG advocates for these expenditures to be used to fund projects that would address urgent human and environmental needs. IPWG works in coalition with other organizations on topics  that exhibit intersectionality, the idea that they impact one another and are interrelated. 

One interesting feature of the Interfaith Peace Working Group is that they can provide speakers for local congregations who can speak about such subjects as:

  • the role of nonviolence in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or other faiths,
  • the power of nonviolence as a tool in struggles for peace and justice,
  • the military budget of the U.S. and its effects on our society,
  • the efforts to reduce U.S. military spending and transfer funds to civil projects.

There is no charge for these presentations, although donations to the IPWG are encouraged.

IPWG has several upcoming events in June that help showcase their areas of interest. One is the screening of the ‘F35s Out of Our Skies’, a 12 minute film that describes a community that has a high presence of war machines and the inevitable undesirable living conditions for those living in America. The F-35 jet is the most expensive program in the Pentagon’s history, and it is only used for murder and destruction. The virtual showing will take place on June 17th from 7-8:30pm.  Learn how to register at

And then there is their postcard campaign to stop the F35's in WI. Order your free postcards to be sent to Senator Tammy Baldwin's offices across the state:

QR Code:

 Hold phone camera over QR Code to connect with postcard order form. 

IPWG will also have a virtual Evensong Service on June 24th at 7pm on Zoom.  In response to the needs of the world, we are hosting evenings of prayer, song, learning, and discussion. IPWG hopes that these services inspire faithful spiritual, social, and political engagement. IPWG welcomes people of all faiths or of no faith. To register for the Evensong Service, visit the Zoom link on the date and time of the event:

Interfaith Peace Working Group

Address: 1433 Wildewood Drive, Madison, WI 53704

Phone: 608-514-2811




This week's WNPJ Spotlight - by volunteer Ambar Cornelio